Stony Bay Village

Stony Bay Village

Your last night on Banks Track is spent in the purpose built colonial village at Stony Bay. This is a delightful collection of self-contained colonial style cottages surrounding a “village green”.

When the track began in 1989, with four walkers per day, there was one hut. As the numbers grew to a total of 16 walkers per day, several others were constructed, each with its own individual features of craftsmanship.

Original old orchard trees and a variety of natives, roses and exotic shrubs form a sheltered haven for birdlife and walkers resting at the end of the day. The verandah, outdoor tables and barbecue kitchens enhance the opportunity to enjoy el fresco dining.

About ten pair of little penguins also share the surrounding area, much to the delight of the walkers

A full range of shop supplies are available at Stony Bay Trampers Shop. This is cash only, so remember to take some cash to enjoy vegetables, eggs, meat, cheeses, crackers, drinks, and a great selection of staples and treat for your stay.

don’t forget to check out the Stony Bay Museum while you are here.

There is no electricity or mobile coverage at Stony Bay. Ensure you charge your batteries before leaving Flea Bay or Onuku.