Banks Track Accommodation

The accommodation on the Banks Track is renowned for its individuality, comfort and character and for the extra touches which add a dash of ‘luxury’ to the tramping or hiking experience.

Each is quite different and includes the purpose built hut at Onuku Farm from which there are magnificent views over Akaroa harbour, the classic original farm cottage nestled in the Flea Bay valley and the collection of rustic colonial style huts at Stony Bay.

The accommodation is cared for by the families who live close by and over the many years of operating the Banks Track, they have taken great pride in making it homely and welcoming.

Private Room Option

Walkers have the option to book a private room. There are two designated private rooms at each accommodation that can be pre-booked. They are double rooms with bedding and towels provided.  These have proved extremely popular since this option was introduced. If you would like to book a private room it is advisable to reserve it at the time you make your booking. The cost is $150 for the two-day hikers option and $225 for the three-day classic walk.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

The kitchens are fully equipped with teatowels, cutlery, coffee plunger, crockery, and utensils.

  • Onuku Trampers huts has a fridge, microwave, freezer, gas hobs and a gas oven.
  • Flea Bay Cottage has a fridge, two electric ovens, a barbecue and a microwave.
  • Stony Bay Cottages have gas hobs, a fridge and BBQ’s.

Tea and Coffee is available at the accommodation.


Our Accommodation

Onuku Trampers Huts

The first night for all walkers is in three purpose built lodges at Onuku Farm. These have panoramic views over Akaroa Harbour.

The larger, for those on the three-day classic walk, has two bunk bedrooms , each with four beds and a spacious four bed loft. There is a well equipped kitchen/dining room with gas stoves and water and a log burner for heating.

The smaller chalet, for those on the two-day hikers option, has a kitchen/dining room and two bedrooms.

There is a luxury option for those seeking a bit more comfort: a private room in the neighbouring Tonga Hut. The fun option is to sleep in one of the ‘stargazers’ where you can lie in your bed and see the stars.

There is mobile phone reception at Onuku.

Flea Bay Cottage

The charming 1860s pioneer cottage in Flea Bay is the second night for walkers on the three-day classic walk. It is a mid-day stop for two-day hikers. The cottage still has much of its old world charm but with modern applicances such as electric ranges, fridges, microwave, hot running water, showers and flush toilets. The kitchen is fully equipped. There are drinks and snacks for sale to supplement the food you have carried in.

Flea Bay Cottage was built in 1860 to replace a sod cottage.  All materials were landed over the beach as there was no road access at that time. The original building was extended in 1950 by simply building out, resulting in a very low back door. Anyone average to tall – mind your head!

The accommodation is situated in the Pōhatu Penguin Colony within a peaceful valley of birdsong and near a safe swimming beach.

There is no mobile reception in Flea Bay.

Stony Bay Cottages

The Stony Bay “Village” offers a choice of cottages and sleeping options.

There are separate two-day hiker and three-day classic walk cottages, as well as other little buildings, so it’s a good idea to go exploring when you arrive.

The three-day classic walk cottage has an open fireplace and log burner, gas cooking, barbeque, candles for lighting, electrically heated shower, flush toilets and a ‘bath under the stars’

Toilets and shower are shared with the two-day hikers.

The two-day hikers cottage is one roomed, with a cottage garden, woodstove, barbeque, double mattress in the loft, gas cooking, candles for lighting and a ‘bath under the stars’

There is a well-stocked trampers shop and a small family museum as well as a camp fire to gather round in the evening.

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Booking Information

The stars

Watch the night sky from the comfort of your sleeping bag in one of the ‘Stargazer’ huts at Onuku on your first night.

The Candlelight

Enjoy the candlelit Stony Bay cottages.
With no electricity on this night you can enjoy the night sky at its best. Remember to make sure your batteries are well charged before you arrive.

Soak it up

A ‘bath under the stars’ awaits you at Stony Bay.
Large enough to share.

Serviced daily

Banks Track accommodation is serviced daily, with clean pillowcases, tea towels and hand towels provided.
All the accommodation has comfortable beds, woodstove heating, flush toilets, and hot showers. Their fully equipped kitchens include stoves, fridges, pans, cutlery, crockery, cleaning materials, tea towels etc. (You do not need to bring any kitchen items). Barbecues are also available.

Private Double Bedroom

Want extra luxury? Book a private double bedroom with bedding and towels.
Cost is $150 for the two-day hikers option and $225 for the three-day classic walk.
As there are only two private rooms at each nights accommodation, it is essential that you contact the booking office to confirm availability before making your main booking.


There is no ‘official’ hosting at the accommodation on the Banks Track.
Each hut is owned and run by different families with a high degree of independence as to how they operate.

Our intention is to provide walkers with everything they need for an enjoyable stay and to remain in the background providing a personal level of contact rather than a standard ‘tourist’ format.

In many cases you will not see anyone, but we are usually around and if you need anything, please come to the farmhouse and find us.