W hat to know before you go

This information is available as a printable PDF here


Three-day Classic Walk – Three days walking, three night’s accommodation including pack cartage from accommodation to accommodation – $390.

Two Day Hikers Option – Two days walking with two night’s accommodation – $195.


  • Private Room for Three-day Classic Walkers-$255 (a room with double bed, linen, and towels)
  • Sleeping Bag Hire $40 – Collect your hired sleeping bag at orientation and carry it with you from accommodation to accommodation.
  • Extra Cartage $50/bag
  • Extra Luggage Storage -$10/bag

Making your Booking

Check availability on the booking page by putting in the date you want to be picked up at 5.30 pm in Akaroa, and the number of walkers in your party. Remember, you will start walking the next morning. For example, if you book for the Three-day Classic Walk on the1st of the month, you will be picked up at 5.30pm that day (the 1st). You will walk on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the month arriving back in Akaroa on the 4th of the month.

Most walkers arrive in Akaroa by mid-afternoon on the final day.

Getting to Akaroa from Christchurch

Private Car – It is a 90minute drive from Christchurch to Akaroa along the ChCh-Akaroa Highway.

Public Transport – There is a bus running services between Christchurch and Akaroa departing Christchurch each morning and returning each afternoon. See Akaroa French Connection for more details.

Group Airport/City Pick Up – This can be arranged with with Trevor Brownlie who has a tour van at bigttour@outlook.com

Vehicle Parking

Banks Track walkers can park their vehicles at Mt Vernon Lodge (33 Purple Peak Road) for the duration of their walk. Please park your vehicle prior to pick up. Allow 30 minutes to park your car at Mt Vernon Lodge and return by foot to the old Post Office (80 Rue Lavaud) for pick up and orientation by 5.30pm.

Pick Up

Please arrive at Akaroa’s old post office (80 Rue Lavaud) by 5.30 pm on your date of arrival (the date you booked for). After the orientation we will take you to the first hut.

At the orientation, the driver will give you a Banks Track Guide booklet. This is your ticket and contains each day’s maps, points of interest, emergency information and  history for the area you are walking through. Please ensure you have it with you as you walk Banks Track. Please do not leave it in your carted luggage.

What you will need to carry

You will need a sleeping bag, tramping boots and adequate clothing for all weather conditions, water bottle, cash (for shop), torch, towel, medication, and personal items. Bring food – there are drinks and chocolate bars available at Flea Bay and a walker’s shop with meal options as well as snacks at Stony Bay (see below).

Many walkers find walking poles an extremely useful addition to their pack as the terrain can be steep and slippery at times.

Pillows and pillowcases are provided. All kitchens are fully equipped including stoves, pots, pans, plates, coffee plungers, tea, instant coffee, cutlery etc as well as cleaning materials and tea towels. You do not need to bring any kitchen items. There are also rubbish bins at all huts. Milk is available to purchase at the accommodation. You will need cash for this.

Walkers Shop

You will need to bring food for all meals until you get to Stony Bay Cottages, although Flea Bay Cottage has drinks and chocolate bars available.

On your last evening at Stony Bay there is a Walker’s shop. This shop is well stocked and open to walkers throughout their stay. It is restocked daily and provides sufficient choice and quantity to cater for individuals or groups. Expect to pay prices roughly similar to a remote country dairy.

As well as a good supply of cold drinks, this shop includes:

Cereals, milk, bread, butter, bacon, eggs, coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, biscuits, fresh vegetables, soup, tinned fish, cheese, fresh fruit, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, noodles, pasta, potatoes, sausages, steaks, mince, and ice cream.

Pack Cartage

Walkers booked on the Three-day Classic Walk will have their packs carried from accommodation to accommodation. This means you will require a day pack for your lunch, water, camera, and wet weather gear.

Packs are left at a designated place at each accommodation where they are collected and carted to the next accommodation. Packs will be at the next accommodation or the Lock up in Akaroa by 2pm.

Please note: Packs must not exceed 15kg. Our Pack Cartage Team has the right to leave any packs that exceed 15kg. Also, packs must not have anything tied on the outside, i.e., all belongings must be secured inside the pack.

Extra Luggage Storage

Additional luggage can be stored during your walk for $10 per bag (limit per bag 15kg). Please bring these bags to the orientation/bus pick up.

Your Itinerary

There is an orientation at the 5.30pm pickup on the first night of your Banks Track experience. You will be given a booklet with maps, emergency contact details, places of interest, local history and some details of flora and fauna. It will have all the details of your itinerary in your guidebook. This is also your ticket. Please ensure you have it with you in case you are asked to prove you are a paid Banks Track Walker.

Three-day Classic Walk

5.30 pm pick up in Akaroa for transport to Onuku Accommodation for the first night. Next day – you walk from Onuku to Flea Bay 11 km and 5-7 hours. Next day – you walk from Flea Bay to Stony Bay 8 km and 3-5 hours. Last day – you walk from Stony Bay to Akaroa 12 km and 5-7 hours. Most walkers arrive in Akaroa by mid-afternoon.

There is a free penguin tour (during the season) for Three Day Classic Walkers at Flea Bay. Check the notice board for details when you arrive at the accommodation.

Three Day Classic Walkers can book a kayak trip in the Pohatu Marine at Flea Bay before you walk to Stony Bay. This is booked directly with the Pohatu Penguin team  at: https://obl.rtbslive.com/obl2/pohatupenguins/availability/gtb1s53re7

Two-day Hikers Option

5.30 pm pick up in Akaroa for transport to Onuku Accommodation for the first night. Next day – you walk from Onuku to Stony Bay 19 km and 7-10 hours. Last day – you walk from Stony Bay to Akaroa 12 km and 4-6 hours. Most walkers arrive in Akaroa by mid-afternoon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us: bankstrack@xtra.co.nz